• June 16, 2021

How much did your house cost to build?

How much does your house have to cost to be built?

That question was the subject of a discussion on the popular social networking site Reddit on Thursday, with one user posting a picture of a house with its foundation laid and its walls covered in scaffolding.

The house is owned by a craftsman from Mumbai, who asked the question in the thread “How much did my house cost?”, which was shared almost 7,000 times.

“I’m from Mumbai and it was a bit expensive.

So I got the house from a local person.

The foundation was laid by a local craftsman and the walls were done by local craftsmen,” the user said.”

Then the entire house was covered with scaffolding,” he added.

The user said that the scaffolding cost around Rs 5,000, while the house’s foundation was only Rs 8,000.

The thread was a response to a post that had asked “how much does my house need to cost?” which was also shared more than 7,600 times.

The question prompted many users to share their opinions.

“My house was constructed using a single piece of wood.

I bought it for Rs 1 lakh,” one user wrote.

“Its now over Rs 3 lakh.

How do you build something for that amount of money?,” asked another.”

Why is it so much cheaper than buying a new house?,” another asked.

One user also asked if a person who builds houses for Rs 100,000 would be able to do it.

“They cant,” another user replied.

Another user said the house should be built on the site’s cheapest builder and not on a high-end builder.

“The price of building a house is around Rs 1.6 lakh, but the cost of a builder is around 50 times that.

So, they dont need the house for Rs 500,000,” another person added.


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