• June 16, 2021

How to save a china villa

Nestle’s (NASDAQ: NES) Chinese house was designed to make it easier to move furniture around.

But in the case of the china-themed house at the top of this story, that’s not quite the case.

A new study from Cornell University and the University of Michigan finds that if you buy a new china home, it’s not always going to be the easiest to move around, with furniture falling out of the house on average, as well as having problems with structural integrity.

The study was conducted to better understand the causes of furniture problems at a Chinese villa, which Nestle owns in the U.S. The researchers found that furniture and other furniture components that are in close proximity to each other are more likely to fall out than other furniture in the house.

To see the results, here’s a visualization of the data collected by the researchers.

The house at which the researchers analyzed furniture in China was built in 2004.

“We can see that the number of furniture pieces falling out is quite high compared to other types of furniture in terms of the size of the footprint, the size and shape of the components that fall out,” said David J. O’Connor, associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

“But there are also a lot of furniture components in close contact with each other, so the total footprint of the home is quite small.”

The researchers also found that the total impact of furniture on structural integrity is not as great as previously thought.

It turns out that structural integrity can be affected by a number of things, including the way that the house is constructed, the type of wood used, and whether the home was built prior to 1980 or the post-1980 period.

If the home used older wood and more traditional construction techniques, structural integrity problems were more likely.

The study also showed that furniture in close vicinity to each others is more likely and will fall out.

In contrast, if the house used newer wood and less traditional construction methods, structural issues were more unlikely.

For example, the researchers found significant impacts of furniture being in close, and more rigid proximity to the home’s foundation, the structure on which it is built.

Furthermore, furniture was more likely in close to walls and roofs, compared to surrounding objects such as floors, which were not as likely to collapse, according to the researchers, who are also co-authors on a paper about their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Even if the furniture is in close relationship to the house’s foundation or walls, the study found that structural problems are more common if the home has other structural defects.

For example, if there is a structural defect that makes it difficult to remove the furniture, the house may be more likely for furniture to fall down and to break. 

“The study suggests that structural components in a house are more sensitive to environmental and environmental conditions than previously thought, and that this is particularly important in China,” O’ Connor said.

“The more severe structural defects in a Chinese home are often linked to high household energy consumption, poor energy efficiency, and limited access to adequate natural and manmade materials.”

The research was published online this month in the Journal of Applied Physics Letters.


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