• June 13, 2021

‘The Bounce House’ is a new and fun way to rent a home in London and Chicago

There’s no shortage of options for renting a new home in the UK, but the new Bounce House property is one that will be of particular interest to those looking to rent out their home to guests.

It’s a great idea for the Londoner who’s looking to enjoy the city while staying true to their values while still being able to enjoy their home as a home.

The house is situated on a former railway line, so the owners, Andrew and Helen, decided to give it a spin after being approached by a company looking to sell it.

It was their idea to build a tiny apartment block in the area, so that guests could stay there for a week or so, without having to move into their home.

As for how the house was designed, Andrew explained that it was built on an existing railway line that ran through the city, so it didn’t require any special planning to make it work.

It also features two bedrooms and a bathroom that can be shared between two people, making it a great option for families.

The owners hope that guests will enjoy the lifestyle the house offers, with a bar and a barber, as well as a kitchenette that can serve as a living room.

The Bounce house rental starts at £1,800 per week and you’ll need to be over 60 years old to take advantage of the free rent.

It also has two baths, a full kitchen and living room area that can accommodate a bed and a sofa.

There’s also a rooftop terrace with a full balcony, as the owners describe it as ‘a true mini-golf course’.

It’s not the first property that has been built in the city’s Central London area, but this one has been designed to make guests feel at home.

The owners hope to have the house up and running within a year and hope to open it to other guests by the end of 2018.


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