• June 16, 2021

Why ‘House Blueprints’ Are the New ‘Chicken House’ for Vice Presidents

It’s a common thought among political watchers: the vice president is in charge of the White House’s domestic policy.

The first thing the president does is nominate a Cabinet member or two to head domestic policy, and the vice presidents is there to oversee the process.

And vice presidents are, by far, the most influential members of the Cabinet.

They control all the appointments, make all the key decisions, and are the ones most likely to get things done.

But while Vice President Biden has been the most important vice president since Richard Nixon, the Whitehouse has done a much better job of making it clear that his duties extend beyond domestic policy matters to include the White Houses chief legislative priorities.

Vice President Joe Biden listens during a news conference at the WhiteHouse in Washington on Jan. 11.

He is also the president of the Senate.

Biden has also been in the Senate for five of the last six years, but he’s made it clear to the Senate that he’s no longer the one with the power to make those big policy changes that are going to be so consequential for the country.

“The vice president doesn’t have the power of the presidency,” said Tom Kean, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who has been following the White house closely.

“He’s the leader.

He’s the one who is going to do what the president wants to do.

And that means that the vice presidency has the power.”

Biden has not, however, been averse to giving the vice presidential office a bit of a makeover, at least for the moment.

He has spent most of his time since assuming the vice chairmanship on domestic policy at the helm of the Council of Economic Advisers.

That is, Biden has spent much of his tenure in the vice chairman’s chair in the Oval Office working with the vice chairs in Congress and the Whitehouses chief of staff to figure out what is in the best interest of the country for all of the different stakeholders.

But Biden has made it a point to focus on domestic issues and to push for the kinds of legislation that he believes the president is likely to sign in the coming months.

“It’s always been my position to try to push the president to take the right actions to protect the American people and their interests,” Biden said during a recent interview with NBC News.

“I think there are some things in the legislative process where the vice has a role.

I think that’s part of the vice’s role, but it’s not necessarily my role.”

Biden made his intentions clear during a White House press briefing last week, telling reporters he would not allow his role to be limited to domestic policy because the vice was “not my vice president.”

And while Biden has used his vice chairmanship to push a variety of domestic policies, the vice chief of the military and the head of the National Security Council are his most prominent and consequential.

“In the case of the national security team, the Vice Chief of the Army and the National Coordinator for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Biden’s been very aggressive, but in the case that he does lead that team, I think he’s more focused on domestic matters,” said Peter Bergen, a political science professor at George Washington University and author of The VP: Inside the Oval office.

“And vice president Biden’s going to have a lot of time to try and move it forward.”

In the past, Biden hasn’t been the only person in the White houses vice president who has held the key to the country in his or her hands.

President George W. Bush used the vice-president’s title as the president’s top political adviser to get the country moving on his domestic agenda, and President Obama used his position as his chief of protocol and the chairman of the Joint Economic Committee to push through major economic policy.

But in recent years, Biden appears to have made his vice presidency a little less important.

In the first months of his term, Biden is also likely to continue his role as the vicechair of the Export-Import Bank, an institution that is meant to provide the financial infrastructure for foreign businesses to sell their goods to the United States.

Biden will also have a role in the negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will likely have a big impact on the manufacturing sector and could also lead to a trade war.

The president also seems to have given the vice principal a bigger role in foreign policy.

Biden is the vice President for Strategic Partnerships, the administration’s chief foreign policy advisor, which is responsible for the administrations foreign policy goals and plans.

Biden’s vice presidential role is also one of the few remaining places in the government where a vice president does not have the full power of a full Cabinet.

That means that Biden will have to rely on the vice majority in the House of Representatives to get everything passed through Congress.

But the vice presidencies foreign policy agenda is likely more important to Biden than it is


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