• July 16, 2021

How the Trump family saved the ‘world’s biggest hedgehog’ from an estate sale

Trump’s first year as president was a bumpy ride.

But he ended up saving one of his favorite pets from being sold for $4 million, according to the New York Post.

The family of the little hedgehog, named Teddy, lives in an exclusive estate in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

“I think Teddy has a great personality and a great family,” Trump told the Post.

“He loves to run around, he loves to play, he likes to chase his friends, and he’s also a very smart and smart little hedgehogs.”

The family took the hedgehog to an auction in 2016 for the first time, and it was sold for more than $5 million.

It had been owned by a local estate agent.

In 2019, the estate sold the hedgehog for $3 million to a family friend of Trump’s who also owns a home in Ranchos Palos.

The buyer, Joe Vela, later bought the hedgehound, and Vela said in a Facebook post that he has been keeping it as a pet.

He told the newspaper the hedge-hog has become “a big part of our family life.”

Vela told the New Yorker that he “was so excited to get the opportunity to take Teddy home to New York” and that he will have to keep the hedge hound “very close.”

The hedgehog was brought to New Jersey after the sale, and the family brought him back to California after the family moved to Rancho.

The hedgehive “is a wonderful companion, but also a great pet,” Trump said.


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