• July 23, 2021

How to get the best beer in Charlotte, North Carolina

A beer-loving Charlotte, N.C., resident is the best thing to happen to beer in North Carolina in recent memory. 

Caleb Miller was born and raised in Charlotte and has been drinking the beer there ever since. 

In fact, Miller recently made a point of getting out of his house to go to a bar and sample a few of the brews that are available at his local brewery, the Charlotte Beer Company.

“I’m the only beer geek that has ever been in a bar with beer,” Miller told Business Insider. 

But it wasn’t always this way.

Miller and his family had to make a living to make ends meet, which was no easy task in a time when there was little money to be made brewing.

At 16, Miller started his first craft beer company at age 19, with his wife in the background.

That business quickly took off and in 2007 Miller and his wife opened their own brewpub in Charlotte called The Asheville Brewhouse. 

The brewery soon expanded and eventually became one of the largest in the state, producing more than 200 different brews in 2013.

The brewpub has since expanded to the rest of the state. 

Now, in 2016, Miller and The Asheville Brewing Company are expanding into the Charlotte metro area with the launch of a new location in the North Carolina city of Charlotte. 

Miller said the expansion is part of a strategy to open up new markets to beer drinkers in the Carolinas and the region.

He said that the brewery’s new location is an example of how to take a brewery and turn it into a destination for locals and visitors alike.

The Asheville Brewing Co. in Asheville, North Dakota.

(Facebook) “We want to bring the beer experience to people who want to go out and see breweries and restaurants that they can’t get anywhere else,” Miller said.

While Miller and the brewery will be open to the public for the foreseeable future, he said he will not be opening his brewery to the general public.

Instead, Miller plans to offer beer tasting events to attract customers.

Miller said he has plans to open a brewery in the fall of 2021 and said the brewpub is on track to be fully operational by then. 

He said he hopes to open The Asheville Beer Company in 2021, which is when he plans to take his brewery back to its original location in Charlotte.

If he does get the go-ahead, Miller said it would be the largest brewery in North Dakota at the time of opening.

“It would be something to be proud of,” Miller added.

“I would definitely be excited to open it in 2021.”


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