• July 6, 2021

How to stay cool in a sea of players

The atmosphere at Juventus’ new training ground has been a mixed bag so far this season. 

It was the most promising of the first two days of training, but the first half saw a different story. 

The weather, which was not much better than last season, did not help the mood and the intensity of the session, which took place on an icy beach in the south of the city.

The atmosphere is not a bad thing, but it is not the right one for this type of game. 

With all the players on the pitch, the players need to know when to get on the field and when to rest.

The first half started with the full-backs taking their places behind the strikers. 

On the right side, a line-up of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andrea Barzagli, Gianluigi Buffon and Sergio Ramos was on display.

The Italian’s team-mate and captain, Andrea Pirlo, made an immediate impact, and the other four players, including Buffon, seemed to be in good shape. 

But, there was not a lot of excitement and the atmosphere was not as high as it was in the first session. 

That is not good, because this is not exactly a new stadium. 

Juventus have been working at the new site for several months, so the players are accustomed to playing there and the players have been here before. 

However, there is a certain amount of familiarity. 

As soon as the game started, the atmosphere got a little bit different. 

In a way, that is normal. 

This is not an area where you can just get on with things. 

You have to prepare for the game and try to make sure you have the right squad for the task ahead.

The only thing that could change that is if the players decide to play more. 

Of course, that would make it more difficult for the players. 

They could get a little tired and then it could be difficult for them to find a rhythm.

But it is important that they don’t forget what they learned from the first practice session and they learn a lot from the second practice session, too. 

When you have an opening, you have to be ready to play, but you also have to play to the strengths of the players you have on the team. 

We had a lot to learn from last season’s training session.

The players also have a lot on their minds, and that is why the mood at the training ground was different.

The main thing was to get back to basics. 

Everything was focused on the next match, with a bit of time for a rest and a change of clothes. 

I saw lots of guys coming in and out of the training pitch. 

There were a lot more players than last year. 

Myself, for example, came in at half-time and the rest period was three hours. 

A lot of the guys that came in and went to the changing rooms were there to train for the first time. 

For the players that are coming in, it was very important to get the first impression on how the players were feeling. 

Once we get back on the training field, it will be different.

As soon that happens, it is going to be even easier to adapt and make the most of it. 

Next season, Juve have a new training facility and a new coach, Massimiliano Allegri, and it will not be a problem for them. 

He has a track record of adapting teams to different types of football, and he is already well versed in the Italian game.

It is a new building, with new technology, but I am sure that the team will adapt quickly.

It has not been easy to be at the club this year.

In the first week of training we were a bit more relaxed, but after that the atmosphere started to drop. 

Some of the boys have been at the team for a long time and this was a good opportunity to have a break. 

Then the training went on without the same intensity and the weather got colder. 

What I saw was that we needed to be more aggressive with the ball and try and find solutions. 

Our team is composed of players who have played for the last couple of years. 

If we were not so confident, we might have had the same results. 

After that, it took us a while to adapt to the new building and new players.

This season has been quite a tough one for the squad, especially when it comes to the first team.

The team has not played together for a while, and now it is the first game after the winter break.

It is very important that we get the players to fit in with the squad and get the right mentality and training environment.

I don’t want to say too much because I am not in charge of this team, but we need to work together, get on as a unit and try not to let


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