• July 7, 2021

Lake House Rentals & House Numbers – Danuel House Source Crypto Coins news title Lakehouse Rentals – Lake House Numbers Article Crypto Coins

The Lake House is a brand new luxury home located in San Diego County, CA.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is a great location to enjoy the ocean.

The Lake house has been renovated and is ready to be lived in, so you can get on board and start living life.

The pool is open and accessible and you can go out for lunch.

The entire house has a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Bay.

The owner is planning to renovate the entire home to a luxury home.

There are no hidden fees to be found.

There is also a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

The Lake House has an open plan kitchen and a master bedroom with two full bathrooms.

There’s a kitchenette, master bathroom, and a full bath.

There isn’t a kitchen on the ground floor so it can be rented from the ground level.

There was an additional 3 bedrooms on the top floor which were upgraded with new appliances and furniture.

There also was a separate garage for cars.

There has also been an addition to the master bedroom that was built for the house.

The main living area has a full kitchenette with stainless steel appliances and appliances.

There a laundry room, pantry, and an outdoor shower.

There were also a number of storage areas on the main floor for your favorite items like books, clothing, and more.

The kitchenette has been upgraded with an additional fridge and freezer.

There have also been additional cabinets added to the kitchen to further customize your home.

You can also access your garage and/or patio via a sliding glass door on the upper level.

There are also two additional bedrooms on each floor, including a separate master bedroom and two additional full baths.

There will also be a separate bathroom on the lower level.

The lake house is situated at approximately 6 miles from San Diego International Airport.

The property is priced at $3.75 million.

There aren’t many options in San Francisco right now that are as stunning as this.

The prices for this property are also quite reasonable.

There hasn’t been a lot of luxury homes built in San Jose at this time.


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