• August 18, 2021

How to install colonial house spiders and how to keep them from escaping your house

When a spider is living in your house, it can be a bit of a problem.

But there are some simple ways you can keep them out of your home if you are worried about them escaping. 

Common house spiders are not a serious threat to your home.

They are pests, not dangerous and don’t cause any health concerns.

But they are not always easy to keep out.

The most effective way to keep the pests out is to get rid of the building material that they are eating.

This is a common technique to keep pests out of buildings.

In some cases, they can be as simple as using a carpet that is made from non-porous materials such as corrugated iron or metal.

This will keep them at bay.

Other things to do if you notice colonies of colony house spiders in your home are to check the walls regularly to make sure there is no spider activity.

If the walls or ceilings are damaged or stained, they may be too large to remove.

And if the floor is damaged or has fallen off the edge, they are most likely to crawl out.

To keep colony house spider colonies from escaping, keep the area clean and dry. 

The best way to avoid colony house spiders is to remove the building materials that they eat and the floor that they crawl out of. 

There are some basic rules for keeping colony house slipper spiders out of houses: Remove any building material with spider webs, such as tiles, cement or plastic sheeting.

Make sure that the spiders are on the inside of the structure and don’ t live on the outside.

If possible, make sure the building is covered with a roof that is completely flat and covered with sheets or insulation.

If a roof is not available, you can cover the roof with a wall covering and use a piece of sheet metal to protect the roof.

If you have a wooden or brick foundation, make certain that the roof is securely secured to the foundation.

Do not let any spiders get inside your home by using any type of netting.

If spiders are found inside your house or the foundation, they should be removed immediately and never allowed to return.

Remove any building materials such a wood planter, carpet or a plastic sheet.

These materials will trap the colony house in their webs. 

Don’t leave spiders on the floor, or on the ceiling.

They will crawl out and get a good view of the house, and could cause injury.

If it’s possible, use a carpet to make the floor look as though it’s made from a non-pest material such as bamboo or cardboard.

Don’t leave the floor uncovered as the spiders may dig their way into the crevices and try to get out. 

If you have an air vent that you can place your house in, you may want to consider installing a metal frame around the vent. 

Keep a close eye on the colonyhouse spiders that you are likely to see in your neighbourhood. 

Be careful when using garden equipment that has spider webs in it.

These can be very difficult to remove and should only be used when absolutely necessary. 

For more information about colony house siding and other common house spider removal, visit:  www.nhs.uk/parasites/common-house-spiders/control-sides-and-sinks.html.


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