• August 11, 2021

How to make a bamboo house from scratch

I spent a year and a half working on a bamboo-built house in the Philippines, and it’s still not finished.

This is a post that discusses how to make your own house. 

I spent a lot of time making it from scratch, and I still have no idea how to properly fix it.

It’s a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

But it’s also very rewarding, because it means I’m able to build something I love, and in return I get to build a house that I’m happy with.

Here’s the basics. 

What you’ll need A sturdy and durable foundation that’s sturdy enough to withstand some of the stress of the project.

I used a piece of pine for the frame, but you could use any wood that will hold together. 

Plastic sheeting that can be reused throughout the entire process. 

Bamboo poles that will be held on with metal screws. 

A wood glue that will attach the two halves together.

A glue gun, or two. 

Wire cutters, a pair of pliers, a small screwdriver, and a flathead screwdriver. 

Cotton swabs, if you need to clean the bamboo frame. 

Masking tape, if needed. 



The key is to use some sort of structural support.

For this project, I used bamboo slats, which are a form of foam.

The slats were built with two pieces of wood, one attached to the base of the slats with the other one sticking out.

I glued the two pieces together with wood glue and then attached the bottom section of the frame with wire tape.

I then used a small metal screwdriver to hold the two parts of the house together, and then secured it with a pair to the frame.

I attached a bamboo branch to the bottom of the two-foot-long slats.

To make the bamboo floor, I started by using the plank from a tree branch.

Then I cut a piece about three inches long from the tree branch, and cut it to the length of the plank.

I cut the plank out of bamboo, and attached it to a piece I cut out from a piece that was about two inches long.

Then, I attached the bamboo plank to a bamboo trunk, and glued it to one end of the bamboo slat. 

The floor is a simple, one-piece construction.

It was made using the slat I glued to the bamboo tree branch and the bamboo trunk.

Then a piece was cut from the bottom piece of the tree trunk, to create a second plank.

This plank is used to attach the floor to the tree, which is then covered with the bamboo base.

I was careful to avoid any cracks in the floor, and to keep it as straight as possible.

I’m still learning how to build floor slats correctly, but so far I’m getting good results. 

How to start For this project I needed to buy some bamboo, cut it, and put it into the bamboo home.

So I cut and cut and used two pieces from a bamboo tree. 

Then I made the slata.

I drilled holes in the bottom pieces of the floor and the tree branches, and drilled a small hole through the bamboo slab.

I also drilled a hole through each of the wood slats to put in the bamboo.

I taped a piece to each side of the holes, so that when I put the bamboo on top, the bamboo was just underneath the bottom slats when I screwed the roof down.

I installed a piece on each end of each bamboo slatted piece, and nailed the slatted pieces together.

Then after the floor was installed, I drilled a smaller hole through one of the pieces of bamboo slata and then screwed the bottom slab down. 

As soon as I finished my first floor, the next step was to build the next one.

 For my bamboo slanted floor, first I made a second bamboo slab, then made two more slats for the base, and two more bamboo slants for the sides.

I added the bamboo strips, bamboo strips on each side, and bamboo strips around the bottom.

Then in the next section I made two bamboo slabs for the top, two bamboo strips for the bottom, and three bamboo strips to add some stability to the whole house.

Next I added a bamboo strip for the roof.

Next, I glued two pieces, one on each of two slats at the bottom and one on the top.

Then two pieces on each slat at the top and one at the back, and one piece at each of three slats on the roof and one with a hole in it.

I nailed the pieces together, then glued them together.

Finally, I added two bamboo strip on the outside of the front and one bamboo strip at the inside. 

Next I glued a third piece to the back of the next bamboo slab and then glued it all together.


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