• August 2, 2021

‘I thought this would be a bit of a mess’: Farm workers’ union says it was ‘misleading’

Farm workers at an “incredible” mountain house on the outskirts of the capital have staged a sit-in to demand changes to the government’s plan to build a $15-a-day farm.

Key points:A protest in Victoria’s north-west has drawn a huge crowdThe protestors say the farm will be “un-Australian”The government says it is “confident” the protest will not lead to any adverse impactOn Sunday, a crowd of about 200 gathered at the mountain house, known as the “Mountains House”, in the town of Glenorchy, north-east of Melbourne.

It was packed with about 40 farm workers, many of whom were wearing white lab coats.

A sign in English and Mandarin read: “The Government is the problem.

We are the problem.”

The protesters say they are “not only here to show our dissatisfaction with the plan to demolish the farm”, but also to “call for the establishment of a workplace that is more humane and sustainable”.

The protesters have held a number of sit-ins in recent weeks to pressure the government to take action on the farm, which is a major development for the nearby town of Westbury.

On Tuesday, the group said it had organised a sit down to protest the planned development, which would see more than 400 new dwellings built on the property.

“We have been working tirelessly to make this dream come true,” a spokesman for the group, Andrew Smith, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I thought the farm would be an incredible piece of land for people to get away from the noise and noise pollution, and get back to nature.”

On Sunday afternoon, more than 40 people gathered outside the house to hold up placards saying “We’re not the problem” and “The farm is not for profit”.

The protest comes a day after the federal government announced plans to build 1,100 new homes in the Melbourne suburb of Westfield.


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