• August 25, 2021

What is Lego House?

The new Lego House is set to hit the UK this summer, and we’re here to give you our impressions.

What’s Inside?

The new Lego house is a big step up from the current Lego House, but it’s not quite as big.

It’s not exactly the same size as the current model.

There are fewer rooms and there are fewer features.

Lego House will also be more expensive at £9.99, and you can’t buy all the pieces from the store.

The main feature of the Lego House though is the “building mode”, which is designed to make building a Lego house easy.

You have to put a few bricks together, build some more and then build a whole house.

The Lego House’s design is more in line with the original Lego House than the current house, which was a massive mess.

I was worried about how it would look on a TV screen, but Lego House works well on a tabletop.

Lego house has an enormous range of colour schemes, which will help with getting an idea of how the house looks.

There is a huge selection of Lego houses to choose from, and a whole lot of them are built from scratch, meaning they are completely different.

There’s also a new mode called “assembly”, which lets you build the house with your own hands.

The builder’s instructions can be found in the manual, which explains how to build each house in detail.

The biggest change is the Lego house’s colour scheme.

Lego has changed its colour scheme from white to grey to blue in order to better match the LEGO house’s look.

I’m not sure if this is because Lego House has been getting better or if it’s to save money, but I think Lego is making the grey look grey to make the colour palatable.

It’s hard to tell from the Lego houses but the Lego design team has done an excellent job of creating a house that looks great.

Lego houses look amazing on Lego sets, and Lego House should be perfect for LEGO sets too.

It’ll be interesting to see if Lego houses can be as good as the new Lego houses, because I’d love to build a Lego Lego house myself, but for now I’m happy with the Lego-inspired house.

Lego is clearly trying to do a good job at bringing the Lego family together, and this new Lego-themed house is definitely one step closer.


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