• August 17, 2021

When you have a medieval house, you can live in the city of Jerusalem

A new article about a Palestinian man who found himself trapped in a medieval city while traveling through Jordan says he did not have to worry about escaping.

The article was published in the Israeli daily Haaretz and was written by Haim Khenin, a Palestinian who lives in the town of Nabi Saleh.

Khenin says he found himself stranded in Jordan when he returned to his home in the Palestinian territory in August.

He says the only way to get out of Nabe Saleh was to use a smuggling route to reach Jerusalem.

Khanin says that while he was traveling, he had a feeling something was wrong.

He says he thought it might be a Jordanian border patrol, but it turned out to be an Israeli military vehicle.

Khatib Khatib, a Jordanian official, said he would be in touch with Khenini after he returned home.

Khatab says Kheni was not aware of the border crossing until he was back in Jordan.

Jordanian border guards did not respond to a request for comment.

The story has received considerable attention since it was published.

A Twitter user who goes by @sundaytweet wrote, “What a great piece of reporting from Jordan.

How many times do I have to tell you this?

The truth is the only one you need to hear!”

Khatab told the Jerusalem Post that he decided to publish the story because it would give him the chance to tell his story to his own countrymen.

Khenti, a former member of the Jordanian Armed Forces, has been imprisoned in Jordan since 2008, and says he spent six years in solitary confinement in solitary cells.

The Israeli newspaper says Khenti was tortured by the Jordanian authorities while in prison.

He said he was beaten on the genitals and had his tongue cut off by prison guards.

Khtat, who also worked in a Jordanian prison, said in an interview with the paper that the Israeli government does not care about human rights.

“Jordan’s laws are based on a particular interpretation of the Bible, so any criticism is immediately punished,” Khtat told the newspaper.

“We have a law against insulting the prophet.

In Jordan we’re not allowed to express our opinion about our government.

We’re only allowed to criticize the government.”

Khta told the paper his story was a warning to other prisoners who are not receiving any treatment, and that his experience in Jordan was a sign of things to come.

Khalil Shafir, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, said Khentis case is an example of “why the Palestinian cause is so important.”

Khentin, who now lives in Canada, said that while living in Jordan he had been trying to get his asylum application processed.

The case was referred to the Palestinian High Court, which is hearing Khentins appeal.

The Jerusalem Post said that Khentini is seeking an order allowing him to be returned to Jordan, saying it is his hope that the case will be heard before the end of the year.


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