• September 23, 2021

How to create a black house

It’s a bit like the movie “Hollywood Blvd.”

— it’s a film with a black protagonist, a rich, well-connected character, and an iconic movie set.

The black house.

“The only thing I can think of that’s changed is the movie,” said John Hennessey, who is from Toronto, and has been designing homes in Toronto for 20 years.

“But you could go from the movie and have a white house, to a white, rich house, and still have the same concept.”

Hennesys house, which he calls The Black House, was designed in the style of a “black Hollywood Boulevard house,” according to the architect.

“My house was always supposed to be the black house, because the way I look and how I talk is a reflection of my blackness.”

His house is “really a reflection” of the city he lives in, said Hennes.

“I always wanted to be a black man in Toronto, but it wasn’t possible.”

Hames home was a perfect fit for Henneses interests, which include architectural designs, urban design and public art.

“If you look at a house like this, you know it has a history,” Hennes said.

“It’s not a simple house.

It’s very much a reflection on what Toronto is today.”

He’s also a passionate advocate for the homeless.

“There’s something really profound about the homeless in Toronto,” Hommes said.

The home has a glass façade that blends in with the surroundings, and there are many white elements like window treatments and metal trim.

Hommys wife is a homemaker, but the couple still share the house with their three children, who also enjoy the views from the living room.

It was also a great home for Hommies family to spend time together, because his parents had a son and a daughter, he said.

Hennes is also an avid cyclist and a fan of the Raptors, and his wife is the kind of cyclist who loves to ride.

“She rides her bike with a basket on the back, so that we can have more time together,” Hennys said.

He hopes that The Black Hand will become a part of Toronto’s fabric as a vibrant neighbourhood.

“We want it to become a place for all of us to get together,” he said, adding that he wants to use the project to encourage more people to explore design in Toronto.

“For me, I wanted to make it a place that’s like a community space, and I’m really hoping that it can become that.”

The house is also home to a large collection of photos, from around the world, that will help him to understand how the city looks.

“A lot of the people that are looking at Toronto right now are looking back at the past, and they’re not looking forward to the future,” Harnys said of his home.

For more information on The Black Home and to see Hennes’ other designs visit the house.twitter.com/HennesTheBlackHouse”

So this house will show you how Toronto is changing.”

For more information on The Black Home and to see Hennes’ other designs visit the house.twitter.com/HennesTheBlackHouse


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