• September 3, 2021

Which old house is most suitable for you?

A new study by a team of researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in India has revealed the most suitable old house for the modern day traveller. 

The team, led by M.K. Ramachandran, MD, PhD, analysed a large number of data from over 150,000 patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, alcohol, and opioid dependence, to come up with a list of the top five most suitable houses.

“We wanted to see which houses are best suited to the individual with a wide range of needs and preferences,” said Dr Ramachatran.

“We wanted the houses to fit the needs of the individual as well as the community, so we looked at all the data available.

We chose the houses based on what is the most desirable and least desirable features of the houses, and then looked at whether or not the houses fit the individual and the community’s needs.”

Dr Ramachar said that many people, including many older people, want to be close to their family and community, and are very protective of their houses.

“But for some, it may be the case that they can’t live in these houses because they are too big, they are not big enough, or they are just too much of a burden,” he said.

“The houses can help keep the people happy and healthy and keep them in a good mood and safe.”

In their study, the team looked at how people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder responded to different houses. 

“Our analysis showed that older people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia tended to live in houses that were too big,” Dr Ramchandr said.

“When we asked them to rank their preference for different types of houses, they chose very different houses, ranging from very small ones, to large ones, but also from medium to large.”

When it comes to health and safety, it is important to consider the health of the people living in the houses. “

They were also more likely to choose medium to small houses because their preference was more towards medium to medium size houses.”

“When it comes to health and safety, it is important to consider the health of the people living in the houses.

The older people were also significantly more likely than younger people to live at home with their children,” Dr Samad said.

Dr Samad and his team also looked at the effect of housing types on various diseases and disorders. 

 “People with schizophrenia were more likely not to get a diagnosis for heart disease, and those with bipolar disorders were more than three times as likely to get schizophrenia than the general population,” he explained.

“The older people are, they may have other health problems too.

So it is very important to understand what is being taken into account by different types and how they are being used.”

Dr Samapada, who is a member of the NIMH’s Department of Psychiatry, added that it is also important to remember that it may not be appropriate for everyone.

“It is important that we don’t ignore the people with mental health issues who may be in the homes, especially those with severe mental health problems who may require hospitalisation,” he added.

“For example, if you live with someone with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who is not well and has symptoms of depression, this could be a potential risk factor for developing schizophrenia and psychosis.”

Dr Paul Burt, a psychiatrist who works at the Centre for Cognitive and Emotional Health at the University of Melbourne, said that there are many different factors to consider when choosing the right house for your life.

“There are lots of different factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking at a house,” he noted.

“One of the things that is important is that people’s lives are going to be disrupted if they move to a different house, and that’s very stressful for them.”

Dr Burt added that people who are in stable housing, who have a supportive partner, and who do not need to go through the transition of moving out of their home may be able to stay with their loved ones. 

Dr Ramchratan said that while he was personally happy with his choice of house, he was still surprised by the results.

“My surprise is that we did not find that any of the older people preferred the large houses,” he stated.

“What surprised me was that some older people also preferred the smaller houses.

I think that it’s a question of preference.

I don’t know if the older adults with mental illness are really more interested in living in a large house, or are more interested to live somewhere that is more comfortable.” 

Dr Samath said that the research is very interesting and important, but said that in the long term, more research needs to be done on this.

“More research needs be done into the effect that different housing types have on the health and wellbeing of people living with mental disorders,” he


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