• October 15, 2021

The new $1 trillion crop-pricing scheme is going to be a disaster

It’s the biggest, fastest-growing crop-priceing scheme in the world, with growers and consumers in the United States paying an average of $1,600 per hectare per year for new seed.

But the program, to be implemented in late 2019, will cause more damage than good.

“This is a terrible idea.

It’s going to cause farmers to plant more seeds and plants and less food, and that is going not only to be bad for the environment but it’s going, as we all know, to destroy the soil and the water resources of the United Kingdom and elsewhere,” said Andrew Stott, chief executive of the Royal Society of Agriculture, which advocates for better soil and water management.

“We’re going to have farmers getting less money, and it’s a disaster.”

The scheme, designed to encourage farmers to grow crops that are more profitable, will also require farmers to invest significantly more money to increase their yield, said Jim McAllister, chief scientific officer at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” he said.

“It’s not a sound strategy to improve the soil.”

The seeds are designed to be resistant to diseases, pests, and drought.

That means farmers are going to need to invest in expensive weed-killers and pesticides to kill weeds.

The seeds are also designed to withstand drought, but that could also cause problems.

“We have a problem with water use.

There’s a big difference between the soil quality and the crop yield that we’re getting,” McAllisters said.

Farmers are going from a seed that they can sell to one that they don’t.

That could be a problem for a future crop that they’re not going to grow.

“The biggest issue is that it’s an open market, and farmers have to accept that,” said Brian Sauer, senior vice president at Cargill, which has a stake in the program.

“If you’re selling seed, you’re not selling the best seed for your crop,” he added.

“The best thing that you can do is invest in your seed supply.”

Sauer said he thinks the farmers who have already signed up for the program are likely to be disappointed with how it plays out.

“There are many, many farmers who are going home and saying, ‘I’m not getting the best crop I’ve ever had,’ ” Sauer said.

Sauer also thinks the government should be looking at a way to increase the yield of the seed they sell.

The Royal Society, which also supports farmers, has already said that the new scheme is likely to result in a loss of 1.2 million acres (1.6 million hectares) of seed land in the U.K. in 2020.

The farmers group has said the farmers in the UK are not going away.

“A lot of the growers are not likely to leave the country.

The amount of money that’s going into this scheme is very significant,” said McAllis.

“What’s going on with this is not the kind of country that can afford to have people leaving.”

In the United Arab Emirates, the government is also considering raising seed prices.

In January, the UAE raised its seed prices by nearly 60 percent.

“As a result of the implementation of the scheme, we’re going from an average price of $3.70 to a price of nearly $6 per hectar, and we are losing ground on our rivals,” said Mohammed Al Hamdan, head of agricultural economics at the UAE Agricultural Research and Development Agency.

Al Hamdan said the government may increase the seed price to offset the losses.

“That is an issue that will be dealt with by the [agricultural] ministry,” he told Reuters.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said in a statement on Thursday that it is “reviewing the seed-prices program” and will determine whether to increase prices, but added that it does not believe the program will cause the same problems.

“Agricultural prices in the agricultural sector generally follow the trend of cost-cutting, rather than price inflation,” the USDA said.

“In general, the price increases in the current crop-related price structure are likely sustainable,” the agency said.


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