• November 1, 2021

How to find your house number in Google search

If you’re in search for a house number, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon this guide to finding the number you’re looking for.

It’s not exactly the fastest way to find the house you’re after, but it’ll help you narrow down your search options.


Make sure you’ve typed in the correct city.

Google has a tool that shows you the approximate location of each of your current addresses, and if you’re typing it into Google, it will let you know if you’ve found a house that you want to rent.


Type the correct address.

For instance, if you typed “921 N. 2nd Street” in the address field, Google will show you a house you can rent.


Look at the house number.

This should be the name of the house, which is usually located in a specific city or district.

If you want a house with a house numbers, use “numeric” as your first name.

For example, “n0012” would show you the number “10012”.


Type in the price.

This is the price for the house.

The house numbers are listed alphabetically by street.

If it’s a house listed at the end of the street, it’s listed alphabetially by street name.

If the street name is listed alphabetously, it means that the house has two numbers, one for each floor of the building.


Check the property.

If your house is listed in a city or county, the city or counties will list the house on their map.

If not, it’ll show you an area of the city with houses that are listed as “in the building.”

If your property is listed as a condo, you’ll need to search for that property.


Check out the building number.

If that building number is listed, it shows you where it’s located, the number of floors, and the name.


Go to the address.

To find the exact address, enter the street address that’s displayed, as well as the address you typed in.

The street number, as it’s spelled out in Google, will also tell you how many floors there are in the building, the total floor area, and whether the building is a condo or condo-style.

If this is a “numbed” house, the name is also listed, but the street is circled in red.


Search the building again.

If there’s another house on the map, click the “Search” button, which will take you to another page where you can select the name for the new address.


Find a photo.

You can find the address by clicking on the picture on the left side of the map.

You’ll see a dropdown box to select whether you want the address or the photo, and then a list of available photos.

If a photo of a house appears, it indicates that the owner is the person or entity in the photo.


Look for an ad.

To see if there are listings for that house on Google, click on the “Show Ad” button on the ad.

If an ad for the same house appears and is the same type as an existing listing, you can click on it to see if it matches the description.

If no ad for that specific house is visible, you may be able to find it through a city’s Google Map.

If so, you need to go back to the house numbers page and see if the house there has an advertised listing.


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