• November 2, 2021

How to get a house of Osiris to look like an ancient Egyptian house

A house of Anubis is the ultimate in Egyptian design, according to a new study.

The ancient city of Khufu was home to the god of the dead, and houses of Anu, Osiris, Horus and Isis are the most common of the four Egyptian gods.

The house of Isis is the second most common, with three house of this name found in Egypt dating back to the third dynasty. 

But according to archaeologists at the Egyptian Museum in Luxor, there are several house of another name that aren’t found anywhere else in the world, and they are very rare.

“It is not a myth, it is a fact,” said study author Dr Michael Wray.

“There are many other houses that we don’t know about, and this is the only one.”

“They’re very rare, and it’s really important that we learn more about these houses and what they were used for,” he added.

“I think the house of a great god is very important.” 

House of Ansu The house that was built to look as if it was the house that Isis built, which dates back to 4th dynasty.

Photo: Wikipedia, CC BY-NC-SA.

The new study also revealed that house of the deceased is also a common name, but the Egyptian word for house is “sherubim”.

“It means one who sleeps,” said Dr Wray, explaining that house was a way to communicate between people.

“When you see a house, you see the place, you know where you are, and you can be close to your neighbours.”

He said the Egyptians used different symbols in house design to show people where they are.

“A house is a place that can be visited by many people, and in the ancient world people visited it by having a visit with the dead.” 

The study found house of one of the ancient gods to be the most commonly used symbol for house.

House of Anui is found in the funerary tombs of Anpu, the Egyptian god of agriculture, and Anubis, the god who controls the underworld. 

The researchers also found that the Egyptian gods were often depicted in a house with one of their faces on the roof.

“This shows us that the Egyptians didn’t always think of houses as a decorative element, they actually had a very real sense of design and architecture,” said Professor Wray of the University of Leicester.

The new study will be published in the British Journal of Archaeology, and is a follow-up to a paper published in 2010 which suggested the house was an Egyptian motif.

“The houses of the great gods were always a symbol for power, and power is seen as a powerful symbol in ancient Egyptian art and architecture.

So it makes sense that the house is an important symbol for Isis,” said the study’s co-author Dr Daniel Pertwee.

“Anubis is associated with the power of the underworld and Isis is associated to the underworld, so it is clear that the two gods are associated with their respective houses,” he said.

The researchers said there is evidence of a number of different Egyptian designs that were used by different gods, from the house at the top of the pyramid at Giza, to the one at the bottom of the Sphinx, which is used as a sanctuary by the god Set.

“It’s a fascinating study, it’s important that the team can tell us more about this house, because there are so many house of different names,” said Wray who is also the director of the Archaeological and Humanities Research Council at the University College London.


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