• November 2, 2021

What’s New for Minecraft in 2016

By By Chris MottierUpdated March 08, 2020 19:11:31A new update is rolling out to Minecraft: Minecraft: New Horizons.

The update brings a number of bug fixes and improvements, including support for new graphics and audio formats, new graphics settings, and new game modes.

We’ve also received a bunch of new screenshots and videos from the update, which you can find below.

It’s worth noting that the Minecraft:NewHorizons update comes alongside a new feature called “Mineshaft”.

This is an interesting feature that allows you to mine any type of ore or resource in the game.

You can even mine ore from rocks.

The game now has two kinds of mineshafts, which are “sand” mineshaft and “coal” mineshafts.

You use the sand mineshavers to clear away blocks, while the coal mineshaves are for storing resources.

You can find more details about mineshaften on the official Minecraft website.

We also received new screenshots from the latest Minecraft update, this time showing the new game mode, “Advanced Mining”.

This mode allows you and up to four other players to mine for gold and diamond, as well as more advanced resources.

You have to mine at least one block at a time to make a successful mining trip.

It’s a new addition to the game, and you can test it out here.

The game’s servers are also up and running again.

If you’re in a game with a high level of connection, you can also connect with a friend.

We’ll be updating this article as soon as we can.

Minecraft: NewHorizons will be available for download for free on March 18, 2020.


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