• September 17, 2021

Why the City of Seattle needs to consider a spongy house proposal

A proposal by Seattle’s Planning Commission to consider spongies in low-income housing has generated much interest, but some housing experts say it’s not enough.A new proposal by the Seattle Housing Authority would allow sponges in the city’s high-rise buildings.The spongers would cost up to $1,100 a month and would be located in single-family homes.The proposal…

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Why this barber shop was built to be a house of torture

A house of torment is built on top of a barber.The house was constructed by architect Arun K. Arun in the early 1990s, and is named after his late mother, Barbie.It is also the oldest surviving barbershop in the country.“The original concept of the house was that it would be a place where Barbie could…

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House of Payne: The Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

When you think of a city with its own distinct identity, what comes to mind? Is it Edinburgh?Edinburgh? Or, is it Glasgow?And when you think about it, it’s almost a given that the first place you think to turn to for the best things to do in Edinburgh is probably Edinburgh.So, what is the best thing to…

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How to get a house for sale

A haunted house is one of the most popular haunted houses on the market today.However, it is a very dangerous haunted house that requires careful planning and a good home.There are a number of different types of haunted houses.Some have been known to be haunted for centuries.Other types of ghost houses have been popular in…

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Which house is the best in NYC?

NEW YORK — The house design that’s made its way into popular culture is actually not that different from a blue house, a red-and-white house or even a traditional one-story brick house.In the 1950s and ’60s, American architect Albert Kahn built a series of residential buildings with white roofs and white roofs on all of…

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